HRHT responds to the illegal detention of civil activist and psychologist Zurab Karchava and calls on the law enforcement authorities to immediately release him.

Zurab Karchava, civil activist and psychologist, employee of NGO “Ialqani” was arrested on December 28. He wanted to set up a tent on Era Square in Batumi and in this way protest against the inaction of the state and the absence of free meals for students in public schools.

Setting up a tent by a civil activist to demonstrate a peaceful protest is an action protected by the Constitution of Georgia. The right to assembly and demonstration guarantees the right to choose the form, content and time of peaceful protest.

The scope of protection of this right also extends to cases where the authorities and/or society may experience discomfort due to the actions of human rights defenders and activists.

HRHT fully shares the demand of “Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA)” and appeals to the law enforcement authorities to immediately release the detained person, as his actions were legal and was unlawfully arrested.