Women Rights Organization

About Us: Organization “Sapari” was founded in 2001, as a center for the rehabilitation of the victims of family violence. Next year, “Sapari” opened the first shelter for the victims of family violence, where the victims enjoyed opportunity to get medical and psychological assistance.

Sapari’s activities include not only rendering assistance to the victims of violence, but raising awareness of society in terms of gender equality, prevention of family violence, retraining of police officers and social workers, and alongside with that, development of Georgian legislation as much as possible in terms of equality and elimination of violence.

Since 2013 “Sapari” has extended its mandate. At present, it deals with all the issues related to women’s rights. “Sapari” actively participates in legislative work, advocacy,monitoring and lobbying activities.

Apart from working against family violence, and the violence against women in general, the organization is focused on fighting against discrimination in the country, increasing women’s political participation, economic empowerment and the empowerment of women’s movement.

Email: unionsapari@gmail.com

Adress: Tbilisi, Gakhokidze str. N11A (Until Kantaria street)

Office Phone: +995 322 30 76 03

Webpage: www. sapari.ge