Aims of Media Institute

  • Adhering to principles of freedom of speech and promoting its popularization;
  • Promoting development of independent and objective media in Georgia;
  • Promoting development of free media, accountability and self-governing mechanisms;
  • Promoting raising public awareness regarding the issues of freedom of expression;
  • Promoting development of democratic institutions, peaceful resolution of conflicts, human rights protections and development of civil society;



Goals of Media Institute

  • Implementing programs and projects in the sphere of freedom of speech;
  • Creating libraries and videos about freedom of speech;
  • Preparing periodic reports regarding freedom of speech in Georgia;
  • Conducting public campaigns and popularizing freedom of speech;
  • Participating in conferences and seminars, meetings, public discussions, art contests, peaceful protest actions and other activities;
  • Providing legal, medical, psychosocial and other assistance and consultations to the journalists and activists whose rights have been violated;
  • Creating and disseminating video, audio, photo and printed material;
  • Developing of alternative media outlets; promoting solidarity of media outlets;
  • Informational-analytical, scientific, educational work and creating informational database;
  • Promoting development of regional network of journalists;
  • Conducting translating and publishing work;
  • Promoting development of civic journalism;
  • Conducting media monitoring;
  • Promoting eradication of xenophobia and all forms of discrimination;
  • Promoting fight against hate speech and hate crime;
  • Development of media diversity;
  • Caring for security of journalists in the conflict zones and professional coverage;
  • Development of investigative journalism;
  • Promoting development of student media outlets and increasing journalistic education;
  • Promoting access to public information.



Projects Implemented

Media Institute was involved in two projects of Human Rights House Tbilisi:

Human Rights in Regions which was financed by the Embassy of Netherlands. Within the frameworks of this project, Media Institute prepared articles and documentaries. 64 video reportages and 40 publications were prepared within the frameworks of this project.

Supporting Azerbaijani human rights defenders – The project is ongoing. It is financed by the Embassy of Netherlands. Media Institute is preparing video reportages in partnership with the Azerbaijani activists.