Human Rights House Tbilisi organized a field meeting in Borjomi

On April 23-26, in the framework of the European Foundation/DANIDA funded project, Human Rights House Tbilisi organized a field meeting at “Borjomi Likani” in Borjomi, Georgia.

The meeting was attended by 13 human rights defenders and activists from Kvemo Kartli and Adjara regions. 

Anti-burnout training was conducted by psychologists lela Tsiskarishvili and Maia Tsiramua from HRHT member organization, GCRT.  The purpose of this training was to develop the skills needed to deal with professional stress and burnout.

At the second stage of the meeting the participants worked together in the groups for their project ideas. Small Grants will be offered by HRHT to implement and protect the rights of the minorities in their regions.

After the training on budget planning conducted by HRHT’s financial manager Tinatin Lataria, the project participants had an opportunity to present their own project ideas. The participants got the feedback from trainer Tamar Zurabashvili, HRHT’s Coordinator Natia Tavberidze, HRHT’s Project Officer Elene Janelidze and other participants.

Human Rights House Tbilisi implements the project “Strengthening and Supporting Human Rights Defenders and Activists in the Regions of Georgia (Adjara and Kvemo Kartli)”. The main goal of the project is to ensure better protection of the rights of minorities in these regions. Activities planned to achieve this goal include identifying, strengthening and supporting human rights defenders in Kvemo Kartli and Adjara.

The one-year project aimed to identify and train human rights defenders and activists in both advocacy and campaign planning, as well as in the practical application of anti-discrimination legislation.

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